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Disabled people

Disabled persons

Disabled persons have the right to be provided with special assistance on airport premises and during their journey.

An airport and airlines are obliged to provide the disabled with free of charge assistance and ensure the required amenities, which results from EU regulations, i.e. the regulation EC 1107 of 5 July 2006.

Precise regulations regarding the character and scope of the free of charge assistance for the disabled to be ensured and provided on the premises of the Łódź Airport are detailed in the "Code of good practices as regards the services for the disabled and motorically impaired persons travelling by air."

If you are not satisfied with the level of assistance received, you can file a complaint at the airport or to the carrier. When the answer to your complaint would be also not satisfactory to you or you find that right has been infringed (Reg. 1107/2006) it is possible to make a complaint to acting on behalf of the President of the Civil Aviation Authority - Comission on the Passenger Rights.

Commission on Passenger Rights

Civil Aviation Authority
2 Marcina Flisa street
02-247 Warsaw

Call Center +48 222 692 600 from 9.00 to 13.00 and from Monday to Friday
e-mail: [email protected]
fax +48 22 520 73 00

Flight booking

While booking a flight it is necessary to inform a given airline or travel agency (by means of a carrier’s booking form, by phone or online) about any special needs and disability types. This will enable the responsible entities to provide the required assistance and facilitate the activities necessary to be undertaken at the airport.

The personnel responsible for booking flights may inquire about the following issues:

  • disability type and its medical name,
  • problems with movement,
  • problems with receiving (visual/voice) announcements at the airport; types of required assistance,
  • type of medical or ancillary equipment used, e.g. a wheelchair,
  • medications taken during the flight,
  • guide dog assistance,
  • special dietary requirements.

Transport to / from the airport

Taxi - there are taxi stands located near the terminal which make it possible to conveniently arrive and depart from the terminal.

Municipal bus - bus stops are located in the vicinity of terminal entrances. Low-floor buses are adapted to transport disabled persons.

Private car - airport car parks are equipped with special parking spaces for the disabled persons’ vehicles. These spaces are marked with appropriate symbols and located in the vicinity of terminal entrances. Short-term parking (up to 30 minutes) is free of charge.

Access to the terminal, check-in assistance

Municipal bus stops, taxi stands and airport car parks are located in the vicinity of the passenger terminal, which makes it easy to find them.

Additionally in the neighbourhood and inside the terminal, special help points are located to ensure the possibility of asking for special assistance. These points plus all amenities and services for the disabled are marked with blue pictograms.

Security control - disabled persons must undergo the security control within the same scope as other passengers. The personnel responsible for the control have been trained for controlling the disabled.

Provided a disabled passenger informs about this fact in advance, they have the right to be assisted by their guide dogs during all their stay at the airport and the check-in procedures. The possibility of transporting a guide dog on board must be discussed directly with the carrier while booking a flight. Prior to the journey, make yourself familiar with the details regulations regarding the transport of medications, liquids and the list of items forbidden to be transported on a plane.

Boarding a plane - following the security control, disabled passengers wait for boarding the plane in the departure hall where special locations adapted to their needs are present. While moving from the departure hall to the plane, a disabled person is assisted by an assistance department employee. After boarding a plane, further assistance is provided by the airline personnel.

Airport infrastructure dedicated to  the disabled:

Help point - make it possible to directly ask for assistance. Such points are clearly marked and located within the terminal and its access routes in a manner making them accessible for the disabled.

Assistance department employee - provides all required assistance to a disabled person from their arrival in the airport, while waiting for the check-in and during the check-in and until a person boards an aircraft.

Visual-sound airport information system - flight information and other messages are provided in the international terminal on screens and by means of sound announcements made through the airport sound system.

Reserved spaces - the terminal provides locations designed for the disabled, i.e. amenities for passengers waiting for the check-in or other stage of their journey.

Customised toilets - the terminal also provides specially marked toilets adapted to the disabled persons’ needs.

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