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Routes Europe 2023

Routes Europe 2023 to be held in Lodz

The aviation world will come to Lodz!

Airlines from all over the world and representatives of airports will come to Lodz. Lodz had been selected to host the 16th European Route Development Forum in 2023.

Routes Europe is a prestigious event in the aviation industry, during which representatives of airports and carriers meet to decide about new connections. This is the largest and most well-known European trade fair on this topic.

Routes Europe will take place in Lodz in spring 2023 and will be attended by about 1,300 guests, among them the heads and representatives of about 100 airlines, 300 airports, and many tourist organizations. The event is hosted by the Lodz Airport, and the partners are the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency and the Civil Aviation Authority.

Marcin Horała, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Government Plenipotentiary for the Solidarity Transport Hub, said “In the previous year, Polish airports handled about 49 mln passengers and the dynamics of the market development are twice as high as in Western Europe. Poland plays an increasingly important role in the European aviation market, which is proved by nominations for high positions of Polish professionals – Mr. Janusz Janiszewski President of Polish Air Navigation Services Agency nominated for the Chairman of the A6 Steering Board and Mr. Piotr Samson President of the Civil Aviation Authority nominated for The Chairman of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency. The fact that Routes Europe is being organized in Poland for the third time means also an appreciation for our aviation development plans including those related to the project of Solidarity Transport Hub. Implementation of this project will enhance the cooperation between the capital city and the third biggest city in Poland – Lodz, which is one of the biggest beneficiaries of building new transport infrastructure for Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. Also for this very reason, the selection of Lodz as a host of the next edition of Routes Europe is not random but it heralds further intensive economic growth of the whole region”.

Piotr Samson, President of the Civil Aviation Authority and the Chairman of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency added “Poland is the first country to have hosted this prestigious route development forum three times. Both Warsaw Chopin Airport and Krakow Airport have experienced extremely positive legacy impacts, as a result of hosting the event, and we are confident that Lodz will see similar levels of success. Hosting Routes Europe will put Lodz at the epicentre of the route development community and deliver new air services to both the city and Poland.”

Janusz Janiszewski, President of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency and the Chairman of the A6 Steering Board, said “Poland is often highlighted as a model of successful partnerships within the aviation sector. Our efficiency, investment in new technology and cooperation in improving air traffic streams are frequently recognised by our industry counterparts. I am delighted that Poland will once again play host to the most important event for the European route development community. I would like to congratulate Lodz, as its success means the success of the whole aviation sector in Poland.”

In April, during next year's edition of Routes Europe in Bergen, Norway, Lodz will solemnly receive the statuette of the next host of the event. It will be presented by Steven Small, Brand Director of Routes. “We are very excited to be working with Lodz Airport and their strategic partners to bring Routes Europe to the city in 2022. With the airport celebrating its 95th anniversary this year, the selection comes at an exciting time for one of Europe’s last undiscovered cities. With the infrastructure and capacity for two million passengers annually, the airport offers substantial opportunities for the European route development community. I am confident Routes Europe will stimulate significant growth in air connectivity and shine a spotlight on Central Poland.”

Tony Griffin, Senior Vice President of Consulting, ASM said “We have been working closely with Lodz Airport for over three years, illustrating the demand for new air services in Poland’s third largest city to leading airlines. Passenger traffic grew at Lodz Airport by 11% last year and is forecasted to increase again by 14% in 2020. Five new air services have already been added to the airport’s network this summer: Rhodes, Heraklion, Corfu, Bodrum and Varna. With the highest concentration of airline decision-makers for any route development event dedicated to the region, Routes Europe will be a catalyst for growth in the airport’s route network.”

Routes Europe in Lodz will be held at the Expo Hall, and accompanying events are planned in the most attractive places in the city, mainly in the revitalized former factory buildings.

Anna Midera Ph.D., President of the Board and CEO of Lodz Airport, said “Routes Europe is the event of the same rank as the UEFA Euro or the EXPO Exhibition. I am proud of the fact that Lodz and our airport will host such a prestigious event. We are inviting the whole aviation world to Lodz to show everyone that Lodz is the great city in the heart of the economically strong region – a destination worth visiting for work and business as well as for city break. We are strongly convinced that once our guests see Lodz they would like to launch their business in here, develop routes and bring new tourists to Lodz. We will show off the famous Piotrkowska Street, revitalized industrial architecture and excellent hotel and catering base. Routes Europe 2023 will be a game-changer for the Lodz Airport, that can handle about 2 million passengers without any extra infrastructural investments.”

Routes Europe has been taking place since 2006. The first host city of the event was Warsaw. Since then, in April each year, subsequent cities, were given the right to organize the event and invite representatives of the aviation industry. So far, the organizers were Sofia, Porto, Prague, Toulouse, Cagliari (Sardinia), Tallinn, Budapest, Marseille, Aberdeen, Krakow, Belfast, Bilbao, and Hanover. The organizer of the fair is the international company Informa listed on the London Stock Exchange dealing in the organization of events, consulting and publication of trade media. The organizer's research shows that within 3 years after the event, Routes gives the host city the equivalent of over 85, 5 million pounds of British revenue and more than 1,000 additional jobs.